Sustainable Selection

Sustainable, organic, vegetarian and vegan, low sulphur, low intervention – words not only more and more important in today’s wine trade, but in everyday life too. Today’s supermarket shelves are full of bulk-produced, UK-bottled wine, where the juice has often been supplied at just a few pence per litre (is that sustainable?) and where high levels of residual sugar and additional sulphur are simply hidden by a catchall “Contains Sulphites” label. All wines contain some sulphites because they are naturally produced during fermentation, however too much added sulphur simply mars the expression of a wine’s sense of place. This is just one of the reasons why at Wine-Man, we constantly strive to offer wines which reflect the enthusiasm and energy of the winemakers who make them. Our Spring Selection features some of these great wines from our range – wines produced sustainably by winemakers who routinely conserve water, reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, promote healthy and fertile soil in their vineyards and often follow organic principles, be they fully certified or not. You don’t have to pay a fortune for wines produced in this way and you will be certain that the winemaker has gone to every length possible to put something delicious in your glass! 

Amalaya Blanco 2018 Salta
Wine Style: Aromatic White One of our very best selling whites and a regular award winner at the various competitions. From the Salta region in... more info
Fantini Sangiovese 2018 Farnese OFFER PRICE
Wine Style: Soft Fruity Red This has become a regular Wine-Man customer favourite. Made by the excellent Farnese team in the Abruzzo, vibrant red... more info
Gavi di Gavi Lugarara 2018 Giustiniana
Wine Style: Full, Rich White Giustiniana are wonderful producers of North Western Italy's most famous white. From their Lugarara vineyard, this... more info
Organic Nero d'Avola 2018 Vigneti Zabu
Wine Style: Full Bodied Red Vines are planted on hills around Lake Arancio in southwestern Sicily, where the lake creates a microclimate for the... more info
Pinot Gris 2016 Greywacke OFFER PRICE
Wine Style: Fine White Made by Kevin Judd (formerly chief winemaker at Cloudy Bay for 25 years) this is truly scrumptious! An off-dry style with an... more info
Prosecco DOC NV Torre Dei Vescovi OFFER PRICE
Wine Style: Sparkling Prosecco may be credit crunch Champagne but that doesn't mean that you should drink a poor one! Fortunately, we have... more info